Brand ID & Communication

Design Portfolio


Photography & Reportage

Photo Portfolio


My Egyptian Revolution

Photo Story, 2011

D.C. Inauguration Protests

Photo Story, 2017


Product, Service & Environment

Design Portfolio


Pacific Crest Trail

Video & Photo Story, 2015

Texas Cyclocross Racing

Photo Series, 2014-16


Boeing: Briefing Center

Design Case Study, 2013


Digital Interaction

Design Portfolio

Li-Ning: Brand & Retail

Design Case Study, 2011


National CX Championships

Photo Essay, 2015


Citi: Product & Service

Design Case Study, 2011

Winter In Chicago

Photo Essay, 2014


My Fit Foods: Brand & Retail

Design Case Study, 2015




Crossing Siberia

Photo Essay, 2016


On the Road

Photo Story, 2011


SpotMe: Brand & Product

Design Case Study, 2014

Ottawa RedBlacks & Fury FC

Design Case Study, 2014


Furniture, Sets & Residential

Project Examples


Prescott House

Renovation Project, 2010


Travels with Wesley

Photo Journal, 2000-2014

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