SpotMe: product launch

Brand & Marketing Strategy; Environment Design; Experience Design; UX Design; Communication Design

Build excitement and demand for SpotMe's new app by creating and executing a launch strategy in just six weeks—in time for the IMEX tradeshow in Frankfurt. What made this project was pretty unique was the scope and urgency, and that I did all of the work myself: strategy, concept, design, copywriting, UI/UX, furniture and fixture design, marketing, photo/video, etc. I had developer support for the backend tech of the iPad wall and a fabricator for the furniture, and a great CEO to work for and partner with.

Deliverables included: Brand & product messaging; Campaign strategy & concept; Product demo (script & visuals); marketing communications & content; Tradeshow booth (physical); and the tradeshow events & activities.



Framing & Messaging

VIDEO: It was my second day at Spotme's office in Lausanne, Switzerland, and everyone was busy getting the app ready for the launch. In order to build some immediate repoire with the staff, I planned a little video shoot that involved everyone.


Day one framing of my approach and things I needed to figure out

the messaging platform I developed

Trade Show Booth & Sales Experience

THE MEETING SPOT: SpotMe's new trade show booth celebrates and inspires meetings and participation. It included an interactive community wall, custom furniture for a comfortable environment, personal sales demonstrations, and daily booth events during the tradeshow.

prototyping the wall's layout, interactivity, and storyboard for the demo

the storage of support gear and personal effects were neatly integrated into the fixtures

comfortable environment for personal demos and conversation

visitors engaging with the wall

"easter eggs" were programmed into the iPad wall which generated excitement and social media engagement

Marketing Materials & Website




It is the most spectacular stand on the trade show floor! Maarten Vanneste, President & CEO, ABBIT Meeting Support


The campaign and trade show experience was a big success for SpotMe. Amongst all competitors in our industry, we were the most noticed, talked about and photographed exhibit and product there. The energy and involvement that was created by the community wall was instrumental in generating buzz at the event, but more importantly, the wall underlined the core promise of the brand by celebrating the participants themselves. At IMEX 2012, SpotMe set a new benchmark for the event app industry and left little doubt about SpotMe being the most meaningful place (and way) to meet.

"Andy is a master of a lost art: he can take on a really hard problem (your brand experience) do the research, retire to figure it out and come back with great insight and ideas. Now take that, and throw in someone who can crunch out tons of work in no time: awesome visual design, photography, video, music, furniture design. You name it, Andy can do it - in the highest quality."
Bänz Ledin, Founder & CEO, SpotMe