I have worked as an executive creative director, brand strategist and designer in North America, Europe and China. I help executives and their organizations deliver better products and branded experiences by taking a journalistic approach to design that establishes trust, reveals truth and tells a meaningful story with a distinctive voice.

My project work has included the branding of China's largest sportswear company, Li-Ning, and Ottawa's NASL and CFL sports franchises; architecture and experience design programs for Boeing, Holiday Inn and the Edmonton Oilers Arena; product innovations for P&G, Citi and Rubbermaid; marketing campaigns for HP, Getty, SpotMe and Microsoft; and interactive installations and websites for AT&T, Chicago Cubs, GE Healthcare and Disney.

I have great passion for and belief in authenticity, the craft and making of things, and walking slow with an open mind. But at the core of my life's work and its motivation, is story—creating experiences and narrative journeys that are meaningful and inspiring to people in some way. It doesn't matter to me what form that takes as long as it's the right one.

My work in the communication arts, photography, and environmental design can be traced back to my time as a musician and audio engineer in Los Angeles, as a theatrical set designer and builder in Seattle, and growing up on the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology surrounded by my dad's photographic invention. I've always had a camera in my hand.

My unorthodox background, broad interests and professional experience helps me to guide and contribute at many levels of a project, team or organization. While I am very comfortable and efficient working alone, I prefer leading smaller, multi-disciplined teams with the collective agility to solve complex problems, invent something new, craft fine detail, or find insight into the needs and aspirations of real people. I like to take risks and often feel most alive in moments of uncertainty and possibility.

When not focused on client projects, I'm either riding bikes or pursuing new adventures and stories that interest me. In 2017 I've been developing photo documentary and brand building projects, such as: The Drive to March, about the presidential inauguration and related protests in Washington DC; and I researched and developed a business concept and brand experience for a new kind of social networking and information sharing platform. Now, in Spring/Summer 2017, I am working on several photo stories about the impact of ISIS and humanitarian effort in Iraq. You can check updates about that here >

In 2013, I spent five months hiking 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. In 2011, I dove into the wake of an Egyptian revolution to experience and document it first hand. And in 2010, my dog and I embarked on a six month, 25,000 mile road trip that meandered from Pacific coast to the distant Provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador. I wanted to see icebergs.

I hold dual US and Hungarian (EU) citizenship.


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