Recovering Iraq

Stories of family, culture, help and hope. Documenting the human tragedy and resilience of Iraq in the waning days of ISIS.


Collection of individual images focused on people and their experiences. Will update periodically.


Collection of individual images focused on physical forms and environments. Will update periodically.

The Drive to March

Photo story about the 2017 Presidential inauguration protests and the International Women's March in Washington DC.

Pacific Crest Trail

The story and videos about the unexpected end of my hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail.

My Egyptian Revolution

Photo story about the wake of a revolution and my experience with Egyptian life at this precarious and historic moment.

Crossing Siberia

Collection of photographs from the few weeks I spent traveling across Siberia from Moscow to Mongolia.

Texas Cyclocross Racing

Documenting the unique cycling community of Austin, Texas and it's colorful cyclocross and bike racing scene. (2014-16)

USA CX Nationals, Austin

Collection of images as press photographer for the USA National Cyclocross Championships in Austin, Texas. (2015)

Winter in Chicago

Photo series documenting my experiences living in Chicago during one of the coldest winters on record.

HP Services: Brand Photography

Created a brand asset library of more than 300 new photographs for HP in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Chase Design: Day in the Life

Photo series from my day in the life shoot for Chase Design, documenting their unique creative culture and collaboration.

Sophie's Country Wedding

Photo series from the wedding of Sophie and Skylar in the hills of Tennessee.

Walks: Brand Experience

As part of a more holistic brand experience design project, I shot new images emphasizing brand, place and guest experience.

(6 Months) On the Road

Photo story about my 6 months on the road with my dog, Wesley, and our experiences from California to New Foundland.

Short Movies

Some of my short experimental videos and home movies.

Photographing some of the kids and families at a refugee camp near Mosul, Iraq

Photography is more a personal interest than a professional one, as its a means of learning and telling stories about things that interest me. In 2017, I was reporting on the impact of ISIS on civilian life and humanitarian work in Iraq. I was in Cairo in the wake of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. And in 2013, I spent five months hiking 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail, which led to a rather unexpected turn of events.

I grew up on the campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology surrounded by my dad's photographic invention. Below is one of my favorite pictures of him doing infrared photo experiments at the Prado Museum in Madrid in 1980. As a kid I found inspiration in what he was doing when I produced an article on high speed photography for Boy's Life Magazine. It involved taking high-speed flash-synchronized polaroid photographs of my electric race cars jumping a ramp and popping balloons.

I shoot primarily on Leica rangefinders and Canon EOS cameras and lenses.