Andy Davidhazy




Inauguration Protests & Women's March  >

Washington D.C. / January 20-21, 2017




I spent nine days on the road from Austin, Texas to Washington D.C. to document the atmosphere surrounding Trump's inauguration. During the inauguration ceremonies there were peaceful protests and an isolated incident of violence caused by a "black bloc" anarchist group that damaged property and assaulted police. The Women's March the following day was very peaceful and historic in scale. See the photo series and story >



My Egyptian Revolution  >

Cairo, Egypt / February 2011



I went to Cairo just after the Egyptian revolution broke out at the end of January 2011. I spent some of my time working with an Egyptian news agency covering demonstrations in Tahrir Square and interviewing government officials. The resulting photo essay was published in LFI and shown at a few galleries. The experience and lessons from doing this has had a big influence on the trajectory of my work since. See the images and story >




Crossing Siberia (and a bit of Europe)  >

October/November 2016





USA National Cyclocross Championships  >

Austin, Texas / January 7-12, 2015





Texas Road & Cyclocross Bike Racing  >

Austin, Texas / 2014-16





Winter in Chicago  >

Chicago, 2013-14





Pacific Crest Trail  >




On October 12, 2013, I finished a 5 month, 2660 mile long solo hike from the Mexican border to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. My personal transformation and story was documented and shared by people all over the world. See the video and photographs >



On the Road  >

North America, 2010-11



In December 2010, I embarked on a six month and 25,000 mile long road trip in a Toyota pickup with some cameras and my dog, Wesley. We wandered around beautiful lands from California to Newfoundland before a detour overseas led me into the wake of an Egyptian revolution. See the images and story >








Some other individual images are here >

SpotMe event photography




While working as SpotMe's creative director in Lausanne, Switzerland, I traveled the world documenting our work in the field and our staff. I would conduct interviews with client executives and event participants, created promotional movies, and took photographs that SpotMe would use in marketing communications.




Boy's Life Magazine

November 1980



I was just a kid when I produced this article on high speed photography for Boy's Life Magazine. It involved taking high-speed flash-synchronized polaroid photographs of my electric race cars jumping a ramp and popping balloons. I earned $75 and the admiration of two girls in my homeroom class.



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