I have worked as an executive creative director, brand strategist and designer in North America, Europe and China. I help executives and their organizations deliver better products and branded experiences by taking a journalistic approach to design that establishes trust, reveals truth and tells a meaningful story with a distinctive voice.

My project work has included: branding China's largest sportswear company, Li-Ning, and Ottawa's NASL and CFL sports franchises; architecture and experience design programs for Boeing, Holiday Inn and the Edmonton Oilers Arena; product innovations for P&G, Citi and Rubbermaid; marketing campaigns for HP, Getty, SpotMe and Microsoft; and interactive installations and websites for AT&T, Chicago Cubs, GE Healthcare and Disney.

I hold dual US and Hungarian (EU) citizenship.

More info at: About Me

Chief Creative Officer @ Phobio

October 2015 - July 2016  /  Austin, Texas

Chief Creative Officer @ SpotMe

2012, 2013-14  /  Chicago & Switzerland


SpotMe is a leading innovator and provider of mobile technology and services to the meeting and event industry. I was responsible for building a stronger, more competitive brand across our products, services and marketing channels. My initial focus was on a go-to-market strategy and launch campaign for a new iOS event app at IMEX 2012 in Frankfurt. I completed an audit and redesign of SpotMe customer touchpoints, developed new product offerings, and documented our people at work at large conferences all over the world.

Project: SpotMe (product launch, branding & marketing)

"Andy is a master of a lost art: he can take on a really hard problem (your brand experience) do the research, retire to figure it out and come back with great insight and ideas. Now take that, and throw in someone who can crunch out tons of work in no time: awesome visual design, photography, video, music, furniture design. You name it, Andy can do it - in the highest quality."

Bänz Ledin, Founder & CEO, SpotMe

Creative Director @ Downstream

August 2012 - March 2013  /  Portland, Oregon

Managed a multi-disciplined 20-person creative department and provided leadership in the growth and improvement of agency operations, staffing and service offerings. I brought new brand building and strategic design capabilities and methodologies to Downstream, including brand naming, identity design, consumer research, service and environmental design. I worked closely with the sales team on winning new business, and took a hands-on approach to key experience and environment design projects for the Edmonton Oilers, Boeing, AT&T, University of Washington, and the Chicago Cubs.

Project: Ottawa RedBlacks & Fury FC (branding)
>  Project: Boeing BDS (briefing center experience & interior architecture)

"It would be easy to fill up this space extolling Andy's many gifts. But in this business, finding talent for art direction, writing, photography, music, and much more all in one person isn't talking-dog extraordinary. What sets Andy apart is a combination of his endless curiosity, thoughtfulness, and uncompromising devotion to finding the best solutions—at the same time, teaching and inspiring his teams to seek greater possibilities. Top it all off with down-to-earth sensibilities, genuine caring, honesty, excitement for the work, a strong work ethic, and a passion for the journey."

Hank Hosfield, Writer / direct report at Downstream

Brand Consultant & Designer @ Frontage Road, Inc.

2006, 2010 - Present

Projects ranging from multi-dimensional brand experiences, environmental and product design and integrated marketing programs. I worked on the user experience and design of new augmented reality technologies for Spectoccular Labs, and various identities and marketing materials for the motion picture industry. I also write and develop photo documentary and motion picture projects, which has included documenting the early days of the Egyptian revolution in 2011, and a short film production about life at the end of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Project: My Egyptian Revolution (photo documentary)
>  Project: Sunriver Realty (branding & marketing)

"In all honesty, I am in awe of Andy's immense creativity and his keen insight. His talent seems endless, as he is such a craftsman in so many ways—problem solving, storytelling, brand strategy, design, and photography. I am always impressed, inspired, and sometimes stunned by what he is capable of, as well as the strength of the message he is able to convey. Working with Andy to rebrand our company was a truly rewarding experience, and one I will always be thankful for."

Heather Osgood, Sunriver Realty / client

Creative Director @ Ziba Design

2007 - 2010  /  Portland, Oregon


I was responsible for the successful strategy, design and delivery of projects. My primary focus was on branding and systems-related projects, and comprehensive experience design projects that would embody physical and digital artifacts and interactions, environmental design, service design, merchandising, and communications. Examples of this work ranged from the branding and retail experience for Li-Ning, a sportswear company with thousands of stores across China; the guest experience at Holiday Inn; a transit station for TriMet public transit system; long-range product innovation programs for Rubbermaid and several P&G brands; designing a better EMR for GE Healthcare; and the credit card customer experience for Citi.

Every project was very different, with varying degrees of complexity and duration, but each one was built upon a clear understanding of and alignment between the client's brand or product and the needs of their target consumer. I would frame the vision and opportunities for the project and develop multiple hypotheses for exploration; make sure each member of the team knew how to best contribute; and ensure the outcome could be clearly reasoned and aligned with the goals of our client's business.

Project: Li-Ning (branding & retail experience)
>  Project: TriMet (Rockwood transit station experience)
>  Project: Citi (credit card service design)

"Andy is one of the most creative people I have worked with. He is well rounded in many creative disciplines. He is dedicated, focused and a perfectionist. He has high expectations and drives hard. His talent and drive produces great solutions and original, beautiful works. Andy leads teams with fairness and intensity. He delivers."

Sohrab Vossoughi, Founder & President, Ziba Design / my boss

"I would highly recommend Andrew for a creative leadership position. I had the privilege to work with Andy in developing a new approach to innovative selling experiences. His strategic approach, mastery and leadership was instrumental in delivering great results. Andy reframed the business problem—creating a story framework and customer journey to comprehensively articulate the strategy—enabling multi-functional engagement and enrollment. The framework became the guide throughout the creative process across multiple touch-points—Environmental Design & Architecture, Marketing & Digital. In addition to delivering brilliant creative direction, Andy was highly collaborative with both the multi-functional and multi-agency partners—enrolling and engaging the team throughout the process. Andy was very successful in gaining and integrating multiple priorities and points of view. Andy would be an asset to any corporation or agency."

Beth Harlor, Associate Director, P&G / client

"Andy's a complete creative leader. He has a rare combination of natural abilities, far-ranging experiences, and inventive outlook that allow him to simplify complex problems, craft powerfully persuasive solutions, and partner with everyone involved to make sure a great original vision doesn't get lost in translation.

He brings to his work everything a great generalist should: empathy, curiosity, and a dedication to finding the right answers... all with a unique ability to see through the issues to the great story that's hidden at the root of every creative problem.

As a partner on a particularly complex and difficult long-term project, he brought creative leadership and thoughtful solutions to a contentious multi-functional, multi-agency team to unite everyone around a common vision. The result was a distinctive, boundary-pushing experience that really stretched the definition of the project and offered the client a genuinely new solution."

Eric Smith, Creative Director, Chase Design / agency partner

"I remember the first time I worked with Andy, his second day at Ziba. He was dropped into a program full of complexity and in search of a story, and Andy duly provided. I was impressed from the outset with his enthusiasm for crafting meaningful stories and his thoughtful approach to problem solving. Since then, I was always very happy to see Andy's name resourced on any project that I was involved with. He brought another dimension to our design work, building stories that helped us filter, focus and elevate. He has a keen eye for that nugget of fundamental truth, often buried deep within a project, and the skill to bring that to the surface and share it, both internally and with clients."

Thomas Crisp, Industrial Designer / on my project teams at Ziba

"Artist? Designer? Creative Visionary? Explorer? The perfect mix of these are what make Andy the great Creative Professional he is. I had the pleasure to work with Andy for a couple of years. A great sense of perfection, tenacity to find the best solution and infusing his solutions and communications with an acute sense of meaning and style are Andy's greatest strengths."

Kai Halsinger, CD & Industrial Designer / colleague at Ziba

Sr. Design Director @ Hornall Anderson (Omnicom)

2004 - 2005  /  Seattle, Washington

Led the overall design strategy and execution of various design programs for clients like, Weyerhaeuser, Ciena, Paperboy Ventures, and Intel. I specialized in and focused on brand strategy, identity, packaging, digital media, and environmental design, and managed both large and small teams throughout a project's development.

"Andy is a never-ending wellspring of creativity, who puts his soul into everything he does. His enthusiasm is infectious; I've witnessed him motivate large teams to get behind big ideas, over and over. He commits himself fully to his ideas, putting his many resources (dare I say he's a generalist? He sort of does it all...) to work to stoke and hone a concept to the finest details of execution. He's a big thinker, with strong business acumen yet he takes interest in the delightful details that make a difference. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and would do it again in a heartbeat."

Michelle Zassenhaus, UX Designer / direct report at Hornall & Pearson Branded

Exec. Creative Director @ Babcock & Jenkins

2003 - 2004  /  Portland, Oregon

Babcock & Jenkins is a leader in data-driven relationship and direct marketing programs that drive sales and measurable return for clients. I staffed and managed a department of 20+ designers, developers, writers and strategists. I was responsible for providing leadership in the areas of business development, agency operations and culture, and various relationship marketing programs for Getty, Starbucks, and WebEx.

B&J's strengths had been with marketing technologies and intelligence that help nurture relevant dialogue and relationships between brands and their customers. There remained opportunities, however, to improve the quality and emotional resonance of their creative output, and they recognized the strategic advantage of being able to engage at a higher level in a client's organization about the value of their brand and how B&J's approach could provide tangible impact. These are the areas I was brought in to focus on, and was successful in raising the level of service and quality we could offer.

"Andy is one of the best creative talents I've ever worked with. A master storyteller who uses the powerful combination of design, words and photography."

Allen Jones, Business Development / colleague at Babcock & Jenkins

Exec. Creative Director @ Pearson Branded

2001 - 2003  /  Campbell, CA (Silicon Valley)


Managed creative and client relations group of 30-40 designers, writers, developers, and a small team of account and project managers. I led business development efforts and various branding, marketing, and strategy programs for HP, Cisco, Mercury Interactive and others.

Responsible for setting a vision and strategy for achieving the business goals of the owners, raising the creative standard of work while growing and optimizing our staff and capabilities to better compete in a challenging, post dot-com economy. I was also responsible for leading new business efforts and key client relationships, and the interior design of our newly constructed office building in downtown Campbell.

Exec. Creative Director @ marchFIRST (USWeb/CKS)

1999 - 2001  /  San Francisco, Paris, Atlanta


I started as a Creative Director in the Silicon Valley office of USWeb/CKS—a well-respected, international branding, advertising and web development consultancy. I soon found myself living in Paris, France leading a multi-national account and agency team that spanned nine offices.

After my time in Europe, I was promoted to Partner and Executive Creative Director heading up our Southeast Region Brand Building group in Atlanta. I was responsible for integrating a multi-disciplined branding, marketing and development staff during a challenging economic and industry transformation. Significant account wins included advertising and interactive programs for McDonald's, Disneyworld and Zurich Financial.

Through various mergers, acquisitions and name changes, CKS Partners became USWeb/CKS, which then became marchFIRST, but the bloated business model was at odds with a post dot-com economy. Despite the disappointing end to the business in the Spring of 2001, my time at USWeb/CKS and marchFIRST was a tremendously valuable experience.

"Andy is one of the most creative people I know. He always finds a way to solve the client's problem in an efficient, thoughtful way. He's enthusiastic, committed and passionate about all aspects of visual communication and an asset to any team. Clients love him and I'll grab any opportunity that surfaces to work with him again!"

Jane Devon, Creative Director / my boss at USWeb/CKS

Executive Producer @ Plumb Design

1998-1999  /  New York City, NY

Though I often refer to this as my job with Dilbert, it was technically with a small, design technology firm called Plumb Design—the developers behind "ThinkMap" and the online Visual Thesaurus. Though I was hired as an Executive Producer, my unique role also included the design, content creation and development for various web and motion graphic projects for Sony Music, Motorola and the Smithsonian.

Several months into my time at Plumb, I began to work directly with United Media and Scott Adams on the companion website for the new Dilbert television show. I led and performed all the content strategy, design, writing and production of the site, and engaged outside partners on some of the new features of the site. Long before social media and we were paving new ground in how to extend the fan engagement of show beyond the broadcast itself. Some of the core content features I developed was the very first, if not only, 24-hour "live" animated web cam, weekly Cliff Danglers, and the Out-of-Focus Group.

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