Li-Ning: brand & retail experience

Service Design; Retail Strategy & Design; Communication Design; Brand Strategy; Environment Design

During my time at Ziba Design in Portland, Oregon, our work with Li-Ning spanned three years and was focused on consumer research, product, retail and brand. I was the principal Creative Director and contributing designer for the visual expression of the Li-Ning brand, which included: identity research, logo development, brand story, collateral and packaging, environmental graphics, and visual guidelines. I played a co-CD role on the retail store work, focusing on early experience strategy and framing, store concepts and design themes, and programmatic concepts and development.

logo design

comprehensive brand guidelines book

business papers and print materials

packaging and instore communications

Redefining the Retail Experience


Retail experience strategy rolled out to more than 7000 stores. Included interior architecture, graphics, customer service, merchandising, and an interactive sport challenge.








Fast Company feature article about Ziba's brand, product and retail design for Li-Ning.