2007 - Portland, Maine


Wesley and I spent 14 years together traveling hundreds of thousands of miles all over North America. I adopted Wes from a golden retreiver rescue organization in Atlanta when I was living there. It was the summer of 2000 and he was about 7-8 months old. Wes was such a good and enthusiastic friend to so many people, and they to him. While it's often said that dog owners seem to be just like their dogs, I don't believe we had much in common. Wesley represented everything that I would wish for myself. I am at the same time a lesser person without him and so much better off for the experience of him. This page contains a handful of some of my favorite photographs and links to two larger Flickr photo albums that document much of our life together.

Best of Wesley

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Travels with Wesley

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Story & Movies

Blog Post

2006 - playing in the snow in Bend, Oregon

2008 - at home in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon (2010) and St. Augustine, Florida (2007)

2007 - sleeping in at home in Portland, Oregon

2007 - ready to go outside at our house in Portland

2007 - walking for coffee with Luna and Lisa in Portland, Oregon

2006 - guarding the top of the stairs at home in Bend, Oregon

2007 - playing with Sarah in Portland, Maine

2007 - in our backyard in Portland, Maine

2008 - road trip around the Washington coast

2011 - hiding in the autumn colors around Greenlake in Seattle

2011 - on the beach in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

2014 - visiting my dad's small farm in upstate New York

2007 - Cannon Beach, Oregon

2009 - relaxing at home in Portland, Oregon

2008 - cracking a smile at home in Portland

2007 - with Sarah in Portland, Maine

2010 - playing with the neighborhood kids

2008 - on our back deck in Portland

2008 - patiently waiting for a cookie outside Stumptown Coffee in Portland

2008 - getting some love

2010 - waking up on a nice morning at home

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