2600 MILES IN 4 MINUTES: A time-lapse of Andy's Pacific Crest Trail hike
In 2013, I hiked 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the PCT, through the mountains of California, Oregon and Washington. It took 5 months to complete and I lost about 50 pounds in process. I documented the transformation of the environment and myself by taking a selfie on trail every single mile of the hike. The resulting time-lapse video has been seen by millions of people and the story has been covered by international press, including: PBS, CNN, People, Discovery Channel, Travel + Leisure, and many others. Music is Into the Journey, by Martin Sexton

Learn more about the hike and making of this video >

DESERT NEW YEAR - January 2013
16mm film footage shot while camping in "Slab City" during a road trip through the California desert over the holidays. There's a minute or so at the end of some good friends in Los Angeles on New Years Day. Music is by Noah and the Whale, and Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard

This was my first attempt experimenting with a 16mm motion picture camera, and the mistakes are well evident. You get a pretty good idea though of what autumn life is like in my old Green Lake neighborhood. It features my dad and Sue, my dog, Wesley, and Jamie Tidwell, the gal behind the counter and singer of the Christmas Waltz.

COLD WATER - January 2012
16mm motion picture film footage shot during a ferry boat ride from Port Angeles, Washington to Victoria and the BC Gulf Islands. Music by Damian Rice.

A SKATE IN THE PARK - January 2011
After continuing my drive up the Great River Road (or my rather aimless version of it), I have been enjoying a couple days in St. Louis. Prior to this trip, the city's only impression on me was the beautiful arch that Wes and I sat beneath 10 years ago. This time it's about a nice evening at an outdoor rink in Forest Park. The music is by Sondre Lerche.

THE INTERVIEW - January 2008
This is a story about a walk from my house to a job interview with a design firm I aspired to work for. Incredible adventures ensue! Shot in NE Portland over a December weekend in 2007, and edited at home whenever the opportunity arose. It's still a pretty rough cut as I got a better job and ran out of steam, but you get the idea. Special thanks to Lisa, my dog, Wesley, and Matt Barber.

Four good friends hit the road from my house in Portland, Maine up to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia during the last week in May, 2007. Starring BJ, Matt, Lisa and Andy. We shot all the footage on an old Bolex 16mm motion picture camera, though I didn't get around to doing a quick cut of it until a few years later. The music is from Dar Williams, Patty Griffin and Natalie MacMaster.

Three friends converged on the Lucky Goat Farm in upstate New York before embarking on a four day canoe trip around a few lakes in the upper Adirondack Mountains. This little movie stars Eric (the planner), David (the provocateur), and Andy (the photographer). Music by Jay Farrar & Benjamin Gibbard, Martin Sexton, Bon Iver, and Ryan Adams.

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