PCT: Coming to an End


As I walk along the Columbia River on 97 North, through a seemingly endless orchard of apples, cherries, peaches, and other fruits, my thoughts are with all the brave, determined PCT hikers reaching the Northern Terminus through snow, cold and innumerable dangers. I’m missing the trail, but the final road walk to Canada has provided its own unique challenge. I’m fighting the boredom and severe pain in my feet and legs.

By the time I finish on Saturday, I will have walked nine straight days of 25-30 miles from Snoqualmie Pass, WA to the Canadian border near Osoyoos, BC. I will have completed a 2632 mile “continuous footstep” thru-hike from the Mexico border to Canada. 2402 miles of it on the PCT, and the last 230 by road.

I am in Okanogan tonight, just 50 miles away from the most challenging, and rewarding, thing I’ve ever done.

My friend, Matt, is flying up from LA to pick me up Saturday afternoon. I’m looking forward to celebrating over a burger and good Canadian beer in Osoyoos, before driving back to Seattle. I need to be on a plane to Switzerland on Tuesday morning to start a three month long work project. Somewhere in there I will get the chance to more thoroughly reflect on this adventure and my accomplishment. But for now, I still have some walking to do.

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  1. Dear Andy,
    Let me one of the first to congratulate you on your monumental accomplishment. I’m sure Sally has been with you and cheering you on for your last few days. Rest up and good luck with your business adventure. Don’t forget to start thinking about settling down with some nice lady for the rest of your life.
    Love, Paul

    1. Thank you! And if I can do even half as good as you did with Sally, I will be a very lucky man. Sally and Elvis have been keeping me good company. I will see you again soon. Much love, Andy

  2. Andy,
    Just another one of your great adventures in a truely unique life that has been fantastic !! Hope you enjoyed the walk and all the wonderful sights of the beauty of nature while you worked hard at the physical strain. Love to catch up with you and hope that whatever your doing in Switzerland is fun and exciting for you. Please let me know how things are going in your life as I m interested in talking to you at your earliest convience. Stay well and be happy and healthy. worzelh@cox.net in Phoenix, Arizona area


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