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October 23, 2015   

Texas Cyclocross Racing 2015/16


Launched a new photo gallery with some of my favorite images from the 2015/16 cyclocross season, which I’ll be updating throughout. There’s also a Flickr album with more.


May 16, 2015   

My Flickr Moment in NYC


I was invited to Yahoo’s offices in New York City to shoot a segment for Flickr about my Pacific Crest Trail hike and film project. I took my nephew, Tyler, along for his first visit to NYC. Watch the video below.

March 17, 2015   

2600 miles in 4 minutes!

Learn more about our new film exploring life at the end of the trail at Learn more about the hike and the making of the time-lapse video here. The video has so far received more than 2 million views and received international press coverage, as seen here. The following interview is from the April 7, 2015 broadcast of PBS NewsHour with Gwen Ifill.

February 2, 2015   

Filming begins on Lost or Found

Visit the website for more info:




January 7, 2015   

2015 USA National Cyclocross Championships

I’ll be shooting and sharing photographs from the National Championships in Austin, Texas the week of January 7-11. Check out my web gallery for more info and images >



January 4, 2015   

Resolution Cross Cup / Texas State Championships

Texas’s first UCI pro cyclocross race featured some pretty amazing riders. I’m looking forward to Nationals this coming week in Austin. See some more pics on my Texas Cyclocross page and Flickr photostream.


December 20, 2014   

Quest CX Challenge / ATX CX Cup


I had a great time watching some great racing and meeting some even greater people. And it was really, really great to see mud in Texas! See more pics on my Texas Cyclocross gallery and Flickr Photostream.

Marc Coppedge of Team Yacht Club

Marc Coppedge of Team Yacht Club

November 16, 2014   

ATX Cup Cyclocross Races

More pictures added and updated here >

Ben from Mellow Johnny's at the ATX CX Cup hosted by CX7′s.

Ben from Mellow Johnny’s at the ATX CX Cup hosted by CX7′s.

The rain came just in time to make for a proper cyclocross race.

The rain came just in time to make for a proper cyclocross race.

December 12, 2013   

Winter in Chicago

Thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail already seems like a distant memory—an achievement that I have still not properly reflected on and celebrated. I’m doing my best to wade through and organize all the photos and editing a movie about the trek. Two days after I got off the trail in October I was in Switzerland starting work for SpotMe. I am now based in their Chicago office and doing my best to settle into my new life here. It’s definitely winter now. When not working, I’ve been spending time making photographs, playing a little tennis and trying to stay warm. I’m looking forward to some travel in January to Lausanne and London, and over the holidays will drop in on my dad for a few days in upstate New York. I will be updating my website over the next week or so, but in the mean time you can get a little glimpse into my first winter in Chicago here.






January 27, 2013   

Project Updates: Oilers, Cubs, Ottawa & Boeing

The last few months have been pretty busy with some big projects going through our offices and a few in particular that I’ve been focusing on with our design team. We’re in the early stages of branding two new major sports teams in Ottawa, a CFL football team and NASL soccer team. The passion the city has for the CFL team in particular has been exciting to see. I just got back from a few days there last week, moderating several more focus groups for media and fans related to the naming of the team. The video below is from a CBC news broadcast last week, which I contributed a brief interview (which starts about 1:20 into video).

Here’s a couple links from last week’s press about the team branding (with my comments and pics):
Ottawa Sun – Jan 23, 2013 – 5 Names Short Listed for CFL Team
Ottawa Citizen – Jan 23, 2013 – Ottawa Team Names Down to Five

The comprehensive fan experience design, wayfinding and interactive program we’re doing for the Edmonton Oiler’s new $600M arena got off to a great start a couple months ago. Now that the ownership and city have put a new development deal in place (and the NHL is playing hockey again!), we are looking forward to another year of design work for a projected 2016 opening. We’re also designing the brand and interactive experience for the Chicago Cubs new Wrigley Field sales and preview center, and will be done with that by April.

Also keeping me busy these days is our work on a 7000 sqft briefing center for Boeing’s Defense, Space & Security division in Washington D.C. High profile customers from the Pentagon and all over the world will be coming and working there. We’re learning all about some amazing military airplanes, exploratory craft and other cutting edge technologies they’re developing, so that we can create an engaging and meaningful customer experience and architectural design for the space.