2 Replies to “PCT: I did it.”

  1. Congrats from Quincy! So glad you finished this journey! Visit us any time in our small town. Have a great time over seas.

  2. Andy, I hope you could hear the cheers and screams of joy from the East coast on your amazing accomplishment!! We are sooooo excited for you and proud of you. I know Mom is completely impressed and excited for you too!! I have been off of the computer for quite some time which is why there is such a delay in my response…so sorry! Thank you again so much for taking the time off of your endeavor to be here in Rochester to be here with us. We didn’t get to talk too much so I am anxiously awaiting your next visit so we can really catch up and hear all of your incredible details. We love you so much and hope all is going well for you with your work!

    Much love,
    Bren, Pat, Ashley and Ryan

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