The Camera Bag

My gear bag

For the photo geeks out there that care, I primarily shoot Tri-X b/w film with the two Leica MP bodies. Lenses are pre-aspherical versions of a Summicron 35mm and 90mm, and a Summilux 50mm. I also have a tiny Summaron 3.5 tucked away in a pocket somewhere, just for fun. Seeing as getting film processed on the road will be sporadic at best, not to mention then scanning it with a small Plustek 7600i that I have with me, I am also carrying a new Pana/Lumix GH2 with a fast prime and a couple super-wide to long telephoto zooms. The GH2 is excellent for 24p HD video and will provide a more convenient option when the mood strikes. With an adapter, the Leica lenses fit the GH2 as well which seems to work pretty well.

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