The Mobile Home

Picking up the new truck in Boise, Idaho, and meeting my dad in Seattle.

On December 2nd, I took a quick flight from Portland to pick up my new 2011 Toyota Tundra in Boise, Idaho. Believe it or not, it was cheaper to do that, and I got the color I wanted. Aside from price, the top three considerations for the new car were: 1) Room and comfort to live out of for at least 6 months. 2) Plenty of space and comfort for Wesley. And 3) Will reliably and safely go anywhere I want to go. And while gas mileage was a factor for budgetary and environmental reasons, it didn’t offset the other priorities.

I then drove from Boise to Seattle to meet up with my dad (who was also visiting there for a few days) and also visited with my good friend, Jirka, for a few days. He is an accomplished wood worker and human being, who I’ve known since working at the University of Washington in 1992. I spent some time with Jirka, his wife, Margaret, and their two boys at their beautiful home on the Hood Canal. I then drove back to Portland and took a very nice, five day loop around Oregon with Lisa and the dogs.

First night camping with the new truck in the Columbia River Gorge.
Taking a long test drive to Eastern Oregon with Lisa, Lucas and Wes.
Heading to Hood Canal with Jirka, on the Edmunds to Kingston ferry.

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