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Posts tagged ‘westcoast’

January 10, 2011   

Chuck TV at Warner Brothers

Disgarded Conan props

One of many period street sets on the Warner Brothers back lot

January 9, 2011   

Manchester United 1, Liverpool 0

Watching the game at Lucky Baldwins with Matt

January 7, 2011   

Los Angeles Walk About

The lovely LA River

Rain outside Intelligensia coffee house

Lunch gathering in Spanish town

It was Wesley's idea, not mine

January 6, 2011   

Venice Beach

Hanging sign at Venice Beach

palm trees at the beach

January 5, 2011   


Mike rolls a strike.

Almost three hours on the ice. Late and exhausted.

January 5, 2011   

The Ubiquitous Elay Palm

January 4, 2011   

Getting the Band Back Together

After almost 20 years, I was able to meet up with my old drummer, Mike Nightingale. We started a hard rock band back in 1986 in Rochester, NY, which we took to LA in 1988 in various forms. He’s still playing in a couple bands and is the proud owner/operator of some rehearsal studios in Burbank and Hollywood. He has two beautiful girls now, but still manages to live a rock-n-roll life. In fact, the girls like to join in! During our visit over a few days, we went bowling and played ice hockey as well.


A modern family.

Like father, like daughter.

January 1, 2011   

New Years Toast at the Barbers

I arrived LA on new year’s eve night to stay with the Barbers, and will have a chance to visit with other friends in the area during my stay. Yes, I just saw Matt & BJ a few days earlier in Downieville for Christmas, but sometimes you gotta stick close to the good ones! Here’s a toast to the new year served up by Matt, Cara and Dave.


Matt, Cara and Dave toasting the new year.

December 30, 2010   

Big Sur Sleep

It was quite dark by the time I arrived California’s Big Sur coast and finally pulled over on the side of a winding route 1. I’m sorry I didn’t take a better picture of the billions of stars that lit up the sky and kept us company through the night. When we awoke to the morning light, I was pleasantly surprised by the view.


Good night, and good morning.

Road dog on the Cali coast

December 29, 2010   

San Francisco drive by

Bay Bridge toll booth

Reflection of the Raygun Gothic Rocketship on the wharf