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November 3, 2012   

Visit with Tracey to Multnomah Falls, and lunch with David at the Art Institute of Chicago

September 25, 2012   

The Dedicated Professor

my father’s old lab and my home away from home

While I’m so proud of my dad and happy to see his name associated with the lab and facilities he brought to life for more than four decades, this sign also stings. Perhaps very few people know the truth behind his poor treatment by the school and how they so unceremoniously forced him out.

My dad has been a pioneer not just of photo wizardry, but also a pioneer in finding and promoting new ways to foster communication and community across the photo world—always representing the very best that RIT had to offer. He generously helped and enriched the lives of thousands of students and colleagues, never asking for anything in return aside from a warm smile and a few cents for the coffee jar.

He’s far too gracious to admit, but I know it hurt him deeply when his life’s work was undermined by a small minority of back-stabbing ass-kissers and dismissed by the cowardly suits now running the place. It’s a real shame. He and all hard working teachers deserve better.

RIT was my home too, but at least I still got my dad. It’s nice to see him happy again, and see that there are so many people that think he’s pretty cool too.

famous panorama portrait of my dad in his lab

August 19, 2012   

Pictures of the Week

It’s been an eventful month since returning from Switzerland. After a road trip to LA to stay with friends for a week and building a website for Tracey, I then flew to NY to go canoeing for a few days in the Adirondack’s, before returning to the Pacific Northwest in time to start a new job and move into my new place in Portland. Most of the boxes are unpacked and I’m starting to feel right at home. Here’s a few recent pictures, and I hope to post a short movie from the canoe trip in the next few days.

August 1, 2012   

Hanging out in Port Townsend

July 23, 2012   

Big time, small package.

While visiting friends in Los Angeles this past week, I took some pictures and built a new website for Tracey Pepper and her successful media training business. She works with lots of big rock stars, writing press releases, bios and coaching them on how to project their best, true selves to the media. We staged a little photo shoot with her and Matt Barber, now a very successful “rock star” editor in his own right. Here’s a few of those pics, and one of BJ Barber (Matt’s better half). Wes and I had a great time.

Tracey Pepper

Tracey and Matt doing an interview

Tracey’s Freedom tattoo and media training guide

The lovely Bernadette joins me for coffee

June 25, 2012   

My Weekendo In Venezia

After a long work week in San Antonio and 27 hours travel back to Lausanne Friday night, I hopped a train Saturday morning to the land of gondolas, striped shirts, pasta, and lots of old stuff. Despite many travels, I had never been to Italy before. With my move fast approaching, I figured this may be my last best opportunity, even if just for a couple days.

I didn’t have a map and had no prior plans for where to sleep. I figured I’d just walk around for a day or two and see what happened. Some might call it lost. I call it a ‘controlled’ lost. It’s an island, how lost could I get? Eventually, with little effort or consternation, I wandered into a small back alley hotel that seemed the right balance of adequate and affordable.

Given the timing of my visit and oddly short walkthrough, there was much I didn’t do or appreciate more. It was also uncomfortably hot, with far too many tourists and seemingly nowhere to escape. All rather large pet peeves of mine.

That said, having the opportunity to see first hand the scenery and icons I had only previously seen in the movies, was certainly interesting and well worth the minimal effort. I was fascinated by and often contemplated how this city was built. It was fun getting lost in the maze for awhile.

On Sunday evening, I arrived early enough to claim a good seat in the center of a piazza to watch a big Euro Cup match with hundreds of passionate Italians. England vs. Italy. Rooney vs. Pirlo. Good vs. Evil (figuratively speaking, of course).

Watch the above video and you will see how happy everyone else was with the result. Even so, it was a great little weekend adventure.

June 21, 2012   

SpotMe at FTF 2012 in San Antonio

The promo video I shot and edited from SpotMe’s successful launch of their iOS mobile app for the FTF 2012 developers conference in San Antonio, Texas. There was 2000 participants.

Outtakes! This afternoon, before I left for the airport, I brought our SpotMe team together for a picture at the conclusion of the conference. It was kinda like herding cats.

June 15, 2012   

SpotMe IMEX video

This is a video I shot and put together from SpotMe’s product launch at IMEX 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. It captures some of the energy, experience and great conversation happening at the “Meeting Spot”—SpotMe’s trade show booth with a community wall that celebrates and connects event participants. I designed and produced everything from the integrated launch campaign; brand positioning and story; the trade show booth, iPad community wall, furnishings and overall experience; and you’ll catch a glimpse of me getting the crowd going.

May 29, 2012   

Still alive.

Banz talked me into going rock climbing yesterday, which I assumed meant it would not be a leisurely trail with alphorns and hot chocolate. I’m afraid of heights and have never actually been rock climbing with all the gear, but figured it would be okay… until I saw the mountain (pictured above). “Hopefully this is not a stupid idea,” I thought to myself. Even so, being rather stubborn and competitive, I didn’t want to back out without giving it a try.


For all you extreme athletes out there who might have thought, “Wow, cool! Climb a big rock, get a pretty view!”, well, you guys suck! This climb sucked! It humbled me terribly, and was in stark contrast to the confidence I felt with the success of last week.

The whole day had very little redeeming value. Even the otherwise attractive snacks of Swiss cheeses and breads were eaten whilst perched precariously off a shear cliff. Though I do appreciate the adventure of it and I’m not opposed to doing stupid things sometimes, this was really a big ask of me. It is no exaggeration to say that I was often flopping around like a beached whale afraid of the water.

After 9 hours of climbing and dying a horrible grizzly death about 37 times in my mind, I’m still alive.

Finally, I was back down and sitting comfortably in an alpine restaurant having the best bowl of tomato soup ever. There was polka music playing in the background, which always makes me happy.

Though I’m glad I went and challenged my comfort zones, I would rather have a camera in a war zone any day. Or better yet, take a bike ride to the pool.

May 27, 2012   

My SpotMe launch week


Banz and Roger celebrating a successful launch at our trade show booth - CLICK IMAGE for project case study

I have been extremely busy these past four weeks working with SpotMe to develop a campaign and trade show experience for their new product launch. It has been at times very difficult, but also a very rewarding experience when I now look back on the results of last week at IMEX in Frankfurt, Germany. I put together a project case study on the whole campaign, and a more detailed PDF press release on the booth and community wall specifically.