The Dedicated Professor

my father’s old lab and my home away from home

While I’m so proud of my dad and happy to see his name associated with the lab and facilities he brought to life for more than four decades, this sign also stings. Perhaps very few people know the truth behind his poor treatment by the school and how they so unceremoniously forced him out.

My dad has been a pioneer not just of photo wizardry, but also a pioneer in finding and promoting new ways to foster communication and community across the photo world—always representing the very best that RIT had to offer. He generously helped and enriched the lives of thousands of students and colleagues, never asking for anything in return aside from a warm smile and a few cents for the coffee jar.

He’s far too gracious to admit, but I know it hurt him deeply when his life’s work was undermined by a small minority of back-stabbing ass-kissers and dismissed by the cowardly suits now running the place. It’s a real shame. He and all hard working teachers deserve better.

RIT was my home too, but at least I still got my dad. It’s nice to see him happy again, and see that there are so many people that think he’s pretty cool too.

famous panorama portrait of my dad in his lab

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