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April 26, 2012   

This Week’s Pics

April 18, 2012   

Postcard from Lausanne

Some quick snaps of my first few days settling in here in Lausanne, Switzerland. It’s very beautiful on Lake Geneva, with the Alps in the background, and with the labyrinth of cobbled streets throughout the city. It’s also very hilly and very expensive. I have a small apartment just a few minutes from town with a nice view of the lake, and I can either walk, take the bus, or ride my bike to work. I’ll share some more thoughts and photos soon. I’m getting ready to travel to Munich and Budapest over the next 4-5 days.

April 18, 2012   

Getting busy at SpotMe!

I started my new job at SpotMe, here in Lausanne, Switzerland on Monday. The team had been busy preparing 700 iPads and the new SpotMe app for the Novartis Core 2012 event in Munich this weekend, April 19-21. We took a short break on Monday so that I could make this quick video showing off some of the work and our office environment.

Music is Sinnerman by Nina Simone & Felix da Housecat.

April 10, 2012   

Party, like it’s a Thursday!

I had a great time with friends and good folks from the Seattle photo community!

I had a great time with friends and good folks from the Seattle photo community!

This Thursday, 7-9pm, is a gallery opening reception at Glazer’s Camera. Come and check out some actual film photographs and stories from the Egyptian revolution, and mingle with some of the finest people I know. Added bonus, this is likely your last best opportunity to kick me out of the country. I leave for Switzerland on Saturday and a new adventure. I hope to see y’all there!

March 7, 2012   

Every stub has a story.


I spent some time over the last couple days taking pictures of some of the old ticket stubs I’ve held onto over the years. Some may be more meaningful than others, but it’s neat to look back through all of them now and see the journey that my life has taken. I’ve moved around and travelled so much that the details and sequence of things can be difficult to recall. But all these tickets stubs have become something like a map. In no small way, it outlines the story of my life. And there’s a story behind every one of these. I think about where I was at that point in my life, and I think a lot about the people I may have been with when sharing that experience. Click here or on the image above to browse through hundreds of ticket stubs from various concerts, theatre, sporting events, and some other interesting occasions.

March 2, 2012   

Leica Fotographie International

I got a nice little mention in the Leica Fotographie International newsletter just out today, and they published my Egypt collection and story on their website. It was all translated to German as well, but I’m not sure how that turned out. If any German speakers see it, let me know how they did.

February 3, 2012   

Egypt comes to Green Lake!


Irwin's Bakery & Café, near Green Lake.

Irwin’s Bakery & Café, near Green Lake.

Seems like forever ago I took these, but it’s nice that they now have a home for a little while. Lots of work, but must say it was a nice change of pace doing all the manual cutting, pasting, etc. to frame them and put all the other little things together. Stop by for some Stumptown coffee and a few of my FREE postcards!

Here’s the event poster!

February 1, 2012   

12 Things About My Dog

This is Wes smiling.

It’s Wesley’s 12th birthday today, give or take a month or two, with more than 11 of those years spent with me. So with that in mind, here’s twelve reasons why I love my dog…

  1. I love that he doesn’t bark or throw ridiculous yippy fits for no good reason.
  2. I love that he’s big enough to either wrestle or lie my head on.
  3. I love that he’s the most well-traveled dog on the planet.
  4. I love that he gets excited by every new hotel room he stays in.
  5. I love that he took it upon himself to dive 8 feet off a long sea wall into the Atlantic Ocean to catch a lobster trap. And even though he was cold and tired and the buoy wasn’t moving, he didn’t want to give up.
  6. I love that he made a B-line sprint hundreds of yards down East Beach in San Francisco just to go say “Hi” to the family having a lovely picnic. Sure, they got incredibly angry about all the sand and food and drinks and blankets tossed about in a fit of loving enthusiasm, but that didn’t dampen his spirits.
  7. I love that he tirelessly swims after ducks, eliciting cheers from the people on shore.
  8. I love that he totally freezes up and starts shaking madly in the presence of a cat, as if he got a short circuit and is at a complete loss for what to do. (Update: he seems to be getting over this a bit in his old age)
  9. I love that he sometimes sleeps on his back, stretched out like a person.
  10. I love that he doesn’t judge me when I’m being completely disgusting. And even if he does, he has the courtesy to keep it to himself.
  11. I love that he’s totally unflappable. He’s happy to be or sleep in the strangest or tightest of places, just as long as I’m there too.
  12. And I love that he brings a big smile to the face of everyone he meets.
January 10, 2012   

16mm Film Test: Christmas Time

Second round of rough 16mm film tests with Bolex cameras and various lenses. My lovely subjects deserve much better. Starring Jamie and Migee. Song performed by Jamie Tidwell.

January 5, 2012   

Happy New Year, eh!

Just a few snaps from the ferries, during my week in Victoria and the Canadian Gulf Islands over new years. I thought I’d gain an extra hour of 2011 by going up there, but I was misinformed.