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  1. Andy,
    Congratulations on your accomplishment! I just saw your video ‘2600 miles in 4 minutes’ and thought it was fantastic! Great music. I wish I had heard of your journey before it was over. I would have enjoyed, if only vicariously, taking the journey with you. What a life changer. When God asks what you did with the gift of life given to you, you will have a great story to share with Him. And He will enjoy listening to your story immensely, and say “Well done, Andy! Well done!”

  2. Andy, you are awesome. I could not help noticing how fit you look at the end. Gentle exercise, but still, 2600 miles needed to eliminate 40 years of poisoning with modern world bad food. What an example. Congrats!

  3. Something I always wanted to do and didn’t. I caught myself wondering if you recorded a location log to accompany, not every mile obviously, but a sort of track of your journey. Also as a photographer, I’m wondering if you have a site of all your photos.

  4. Congratulations on completing your journey! Your adventure reminds me of Steve Vaught, the Fat Man Walking, and what he did almost 10 years ago. How do you compare your journey to his?

  5. Andy 3 – Your blog is beautiful. The video is amazing and inspiring. I kept fighting between watching the changing trail and watching you morph ~ both equally fascinating. I often come across portions of the PCT while on day trips to the Laguna Mountains and surrounding areas in San Diego. I always saw the trail as a historical reference of paths taken by early settlers and native peoples. I have seen people hiking it but I always figured they would do a few miles and turn back. You certainly changed my view on that. Now when I come across the trail I will wonder if they will make it all the way. I will wonder if their lives are being transformed. I will wonder if they are transforming someone else’s life. BTW, your family album is lovely. While the video is brilliant, the family album is really the best part of your blog – just sayin’ 🙂 Nice job.

  6. Andy…just watched your video. Wow, way cool! Some folks talk about doing, others just go out and do it…you clearly fall into the latter camp. An inspiration for the (slightly) older dudes (uh, like me) to say the least…awesome!

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