My Flickr Moment in NYC


I was invited to Yahoo’s offices in New York City to shoot a segment for Flickr about my Pacific Crest Trail hike and film project. I took my nephew, Tyler, along for his first visit to NYC. Watch the video below.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    I just got into your website quite accidentally. But I am really amazed! What a great achievement over the PCT! Congratulations! If you ever make it to Hungary I’d be honoured to welcome you here at my winery Sabar Borház ( I’d appreciate if you could stay here as a guest for a while. I do mean it!
    Besided producing wine hiking is also my hobby. You gave a lot of inspiration and encouragement to me. So if you can make it to Hungary, please also bring your hiking boots along:
    Best regards,
    Gábor Ádám

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