PCT: Sierra City

Mile 1197. I took a few days off to visit with friends in Downieville, CA. I have been anticipating this stop for a long time and can hardly believe I’ve made it this far.

Prior to arriving here, there were a couple other notable stops over these past couple weeks. I had a fantastic week hiking from Mammoth to South Lake Tahoe with Marty, Heather, Tina and Jeff. After a day off there and taking full advantage of the casino’s all-you-can-eat buffet, I then set off on my own.

I feel good and hiking pretty strong now, easily making the 36 mile hike from Echo Lake to Donner Pass (near Truckee) where my sister picked me up. I had not seen Jennifer and my niece, Peri, and nephew, Tyler, in far too long. so this was very special. We had dinner at their house, spent the night and had a big breakfast before they took me back to the trail. I then did another 100 miles in 4 days to Sierra City for my visit with BJ, Alisa, Liz and the Downieville gang for a few days. I had a wonderful time and wonder now what will motivate me for the next few weeks.

I can’t believe I’ve been living outdoors for 3 months now and walked 1200 continuous miles. Only another 1400 to go! I plan on being to Ashland, Oregon in time to celebrate my birthday on the 17th, the Columbia River and Washington State by September 8, and finally Canada by the end of the month. Thanks again for all the kind words and encouragement. It’s working!

Hiking sampler from the Lake Tahoe area:

Here are a couple older videos that I have only now been able to upload:

Video greeting from Kennedy Meadows, mile 700:

Bear encounter at Wood’s Creek:

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