PCT: Mammoth Lakes

I had a great week hiking since my last town stop in Independence. I’ve completed all the major mountain passes with my fear of heights mostly under control. The scenery has been absolutely epic, and even had an amazing close encounter with a bear. Also, my friend and former boss from Switzerland, Banz, surprised me last week by visiting and coming out to hike and camp with me for a day. This is a short post with some recent pictures, as I’m now leaving Mammoth Lakes after a day off and hiking onto South Lake Tahoe. I should arrive there by late next week. Oh, and I just shaved off my beard. It was time. I’m now at mile 907, and looking forward to breaking a 1000 in a few days.

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  1. All of this is so impressive, exciting and mind blowing!! I can’t wait to read the book you write about all of your experiences on this adventure!!!! Our love, thoughts and prayers are with you to the end! Please stay safe! XOXO

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