Another year. Another update.


At the risk of stating the obvious, 2013 was a really amazing year for me. Transformative may be a good word for it. It has been a year spent challenging my limits and comfort zones, and making some mistakes while growing ever more mindful of who I am in the process. It has been frightening, empowering, humbling, confusing, heartbreaking, and insightful, and I have little doubt that the events of this past year will directly impact the events of the next. There will be more on this in the very near future, but suffice to say this impact is already being felt and put to work. In other news, year-end inspired housekeeping led to a host of website updates to the homepage, scrapbook and photography collections, and a handful of project case studies. The PCT time-lapse movie is coming along and should be done shortly. It’s a heck of a lot harder than I thought to edit and notate 2650 images. So, while you’re waiting on me to finish that up, please check out a few videos from the past year that have surprised, delighted and/or inspired me in some way.

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