PCT: Just Around the Bend

I’ve made fairly quick work of hiking the 190 miles or so from Ashland to Bend, OR over the past 6 days. I’m now at mile 1990. I leave here this morning, planning to do the 160 miles to Cascade Locks and the Washington State border by Sunday evening. I’m very excited about being “home” and super motivated to hike everyday, as I know the end is near. Just 700 miles over the next 3 1/2 weeks.

The weather the past few days has been perfect for hiking, fairly cool and mostly sunny. However the nights and mornings are so wet and cold with tons of condensation. By the time I hit Washington, I’m afraid my legs and feet will be wet most of the time. In Bend, I have decided to ditch my stove and down parka, to make room for a little extra rain gear. The rains will provide the last big challenge I face and hope I can weather the storm okay. I’m sure there are still many other things that will challenge my resolve over the next few weeks, but I am more determined and confident everyday. I just need to watch my step and not trip over something dumb.

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