PCT: Confronting My Fears

Bears… done that. Night hiking… done that. Mountain lions… where? Rattlesnakes… done that. 2600 miles… no problem. Rain… my worst nightmare.

I arrived White Pass, mile 2303, last night and now heading out to begin four day, 100 mile trip to Snoqualmie Pass. Two weeks and counting until Canada. I hope the weather holds out. I will update this blog a bit more in a few days.



A recent Facebook post:

Okay, so I’m officially worried about being able to finish. I’ve lost my mojo a bit and I need to get it back quick. The weather is turning in a big way and I feel this tremendous pressure to finish as quickly as possible, before the snow storms and incessant rain. Trouble is, my body can’t take too many big mileage days in a row. My joints are making clicking noises and I’m starting to sense that something isn’t right. That said, I’m generally fine, but trying to do 35-40 miles a day to make up time and get the most out of good weather days, may be a bad idea. I’m soft. The rain sucks and I just want to be clean and in a warm bed. If I can suck it up enough to hike everyday, then finishing by Oct. 1-3 sometime should work. It was supposed to be Sept. 29, before Wes and my time in Portland happened. Forgive me if I’m whining a bit. One thing I’ve been constantly reminded about on this trip, is that if all you do is keep putting one foot after another, everything will get better. It’s getting harder, but I will continue to do that.

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