PCT: Wrightwood update

I arrived at PCT mile 370 on Saturday and hitched into Wrightwood for a planned rest day. This is a nice small mountain town with plenty of good food options. The Mountain Man breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe and the pizza at Yodeler’s, shared with German hikers, Claudia & Jochen, were two favorites of mine. Staying at a dumpy, but otherwise charming enough motel. Heading out first thing in the morning and planning to be at my next major resupply stop in Agua Dulce by Friday. From there, I turn north, crossing the Mohave desert, into Tehachapi, and then beginning the climb into the High Sierras. My right shin is still causing me some trouble, but has greatly improved since Big Bear. My left knee also continues to be bothersome, but it’s something I’ve dealt with for several years, so I am able to compensate fairly well. Beyond that, I’m healthy and eager to increase my pace and progress. The trail is often boring and challenging to my comfort zones, but I most enjoy arriving intermediate destinations and am trying to stay focused on the bigger goal at hand.

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