Road Dogged

The best road dog completing trek through Labrador & Quebec, & arriving Vermont countryside

Everyone knows I like to drive—the freedom of the road and all that. But having finally finished that long road through Labrador, I am of the informed and objective opinion that it totally sucked. The three towns were interesting, in an X-Files sorta way, and the monotone wilderness was lovely for the first few miles. Beyond that, the only redeeming value of this experience is being able to say I’ve done it, and now knowing better what’s not there. I reached the Quebec coast last night and I’m now in Montreal seeking a suitable elixir. All that being said, can I once again say what an awesome dog Wesley is. The king of all road dogs was so patient these past few days. He doesn’t know it yet, but after some time here and camping in Vermont, his reward will be another week hanging out in Honeoye Falls, taking a few country walks with Sue.

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