Happy Cold

Happy dog swimming in the very cold Atlantic Ocean at Crow Head

What a pleasant day today—the kind that sneaks up and gives you an affectionate kiss on the cheek. The rain stopped somewhere in the night and woke to sun and a thick blanket of dew on the windows. Wes and I took a long walk through the town early this morning, before letting him swim and fetch sticks in the cold water until he was a shivering mess. So, we warmed up with a long hike along the rugged coast and did our best not to fall in. Some small icebergs were a mere hint of the possibilities that may float by in the days and weeks to come. Beyond that, I met a few nice people in town that were helpful in my continuing search for a house in which to live.

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  1. Came across your blog through selfie time-lapse video… My Mom grew up in Crow Head – it’s one of my favourite places in all of NL, glad you made it part of your road trip. I’ve also lived in Cape Breton, my second favourite east coast island 🙂

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