rowing the sailboat my father made

near my grandparents home in Brockport, NY

at home with dog, Duke, and our family's cat, Barbara June

playing soccer for the Rush-Henrietta Falcons

Hurricane Ridge, Washington with my aunt Minka

in my grandparents driveway in Brockport, NY

at my grandparents cottage on Lake Ontario

practicing my violin and visiting Mount Rainier in Washington

week-long canoe trip down the Moose River to James Bay, Ontario

with my best friend, Kurt, at home on Wellington Drive

high school tennis team

at my girlfriend's farm in Othello, Washington

guitar player in hard rock band, Knightingale

stock boy at the Nordstrom lingerie department in Redondo Beach, California

1991 - backpacking in the Glacier Peak Wilderness, North Cascades, Washington

1994 - my birthday with Melissa at my workshop at the Seattle Shakespeare Festival

2000 - near my apartment in Paris and skiing above the clouds in Kitzbuhel

2007 - making a short film with Matt in Portland, Oregon

2008 - Wesley and I in our Alberta neighborhood in Portland, Oregon

2012 - shooting with a Bolex 16mm motion picture film camera in the California desert

2013 - backpacking 2660 miles from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail

2013 - meeting up with good friends in Downieville, California

2013 - with some hiker friends at Kearsarge Pass in the High Sierras, California

2014 - self portrait at my place in Chicago

2015 - giving a presentation about the PCT to a group of Girl Scouts

2015 - Marfa, Texas

2015 - racing cyclocross bikes in Austin, Texas

2016 - visiting with Amanda in Truckee and at work in Switzerland in 2014

2016 - rainy day in a Budapest cafe

2016 - trading snaps with a friend at Brew & Brew, my frequent hang-out in Austin

2016, in New York City about to leave for Russia and visiting Niagara Falls with dad

2016 - playing in the ice in Quebec City, Canada

2017 - making pictures of kids at a camp in Mosul, Iraq

2017 - in the town of Sinjar, Iraq which had been destroyed by ISIS

2017 - Canoeing in Algonquin Park, Ontario with David and Eric

2017 - Kiev, Ukraine

March 2019 - Stephens Green, Dublin, Ireland