Mom (Lucille) and dad (Andy) when they were both in college.

Jennifer and I when we were probably around 12 or 13 years old.


An old Davidhazy family photo in Hungary. The little boy in the front is my grandfather, Andrew Davidhazy.

Family photo in Seattle, probably around 1980. Dad, his brother John and sister Minka, grandmother and grandfather (Gabriella and Capt. Andy), and Jennifer and I.


Homer and June. My grandparents on my mom's side, in Brockport, New York.

Gabriella (nagymami) and my sister, Jennifer, maybe 1970?

Captain Andy and little Andy (me) sailing the Adria on Elliot Bay in Seattle.


Andy 2 and Andy 3.

My sister, Jennifer, when she was little.

Jen and I dressed up outside our Perkins apartment.


Jen riding shotgun on a long road trip to Cochrane, Ontario for a canoe trip we're about to do.

Our green Pinto wagon at our house on Wellington Street.

Jen and I starting canoe trip with dad down the Moose River to James Bay, Ontario.

Cameron, uncle John and aunt Minka at one of my high school tennis tournaments.


2006 - Dad and Sue on the ferry to Bainbridge Island, Washington.

2007 - my nephew, Tyler, while visiting family in Florida.

2010 - dad rowing his old sailboat, the Eaglet.

2011 - Prof. Andrew Davidhazy doing a seminar on technical imaging techniques.

2011 - my stepmom, Sue, and her horses at home in Honeoye Falls, NY.


2011 - Sue and my niece, Peri.

2013 - dinner out with dad and Sue in Honeoye Falls, NY.

2012 - with my cousin, Panni, and her daughter in Budapest, Hungary.

2012 - my uncle John making me perfect cheese toasts at home in Budapest.

uncle John

2014 - with my cousin, Vivien (in black) and friends at the Tate in London.