This is an archive of some of my old ticket stubs I've held onto over the years. Some may be more meaningful than others, but it's neat to look back through them now and see the journey that my life has taken. I've moved around and travelled so much that the details and sequence of things can be difficult to recall. But all these tickets stubs have become something like a map. In no small way, it outlines the story of my life, and there's a story behind every one of these. I think about where I was at that point in my life, and I think about the people I may have shared that experience with.

Though I'm missing some that I wish I had, the 200 or so ticket stubs I do have are organized in the groups below. Click on any of the stubs in each gallery to get more information about that event. If you were at any of these shows as well, please share your memories with me as well.

As of 2012, I have probably attended more than 100 major concerts, 100 or more professional sporting events, and about 30 or 40 theatrical performances. It seems as though Kurt and I rarely missed a rock concert growing up at the Rochester War Memorial. The oldest ticket stub I still have is from a Rochester Lancers NASL soccer game in the late 1970's. I've probably seen Pearl Jam about 10 times, Martin Sexton 8 times, Sufjan Stevens twice, and Kiss and Van Halen several times each. But all this really started when my mother took me to my very first two concerts in the late 70's. They were John Denver and the Beach Boys, both at the Rochester War Memorial.

I'm missing tickets for:

June 21, 1977 - The Beach Boys / Rochester War Memorial, NY / with my mother
July 22, 1978 - Seattle Sounders vs. NY Cosmos / Seattle Kingdome, WA / with family
1970~ - Seattle Mariners / Seattle Kingdome, WA / several games with family and friends
Dec 30, 1982 - WWF Professional Wrestling / Rochester War Memorial, NY / with Kurt
1980~ - Rochester Americans (AHL) / Rochester War Memorial, NY / several games
1980~ - Rochester Flash (professional soccer) / Holleder Stadium, Rochester, NY / several games
1980~ - RIT men's hockey / Ritter Ice Arena, Rochester, NY / attended many games
June 24, 1980 - John Denver / Rochester War Memorial, NY / with my mother
1984~ - Billy Idol / RIT gymnasium, Rochester, NY
June 7, 1985 - Kenny Loggins / Rochester War Memorial, NY / by myself, but had a great time
1986 - Late Night with David Letterman / NBC / NYC, NY / with Lori Mitchell
June 1988 - Dirty Looks / Daytona Beach, FL / backstage - discovered later camera had no film
June 24, 1995 - Pearl Jam & Neil Young / Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA
July 24-25, 1999 - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival / Hillsdale, NY (Catskills) / with Kristen Roeder
Aug 7, 2000 - Pearl Jam (with Sonic Youth) / Atlanta, GA / backstage with George
Dec 31, 2000 - Wayne Newton / Stardust, Las Vegas, NV / rang in New Year's with him
2002 - Flogging Molly / Slim's, in San Jose, CA / with Matt, BJ and Alisa
Oct 5, 2003 - USA vs. Germany, Women's World Cup semi-final / Portland, OR / with Alisa

10 of my favorite concert memories:

August 7, 1983 / Police (with Flock of Seagulls, Fixx) / Holleder Stadium, Rochester
Tagged along with my sister and her friends. Beautiful summer afternoon outdoors on the grass. Mary Ann was on my shoulders for much of the concert.

Sept 1, 1983 / Iron Maiden (with Fastway, Coney Hatch) / Rochester War Memorial
With best friend, Kurt. We pushed through to the front and stayed there. Ticket was drenched with sweat and fell apart.

March 22, 1984 / Van Halen (with Red Rider) / Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
With my girlfriend, Mary Ann. Perhaps one of the best rock shows ever.

June 28, 1984 / Motorhead (with Wendy O. Williams) / Hammersmith Odeon, London
I was a 16 years old, on my own wandering the streets of London and going to this show amidst a lot of hard core punks. Surreal.

April 12, 1986 / The Ramones / University of Rochester gymnasium
My girlfriend, Sharie Platt, my sister and her boyfriend, and a couple other friends all piled into my old Jetta to go to the show. The quintessential college experience.

Dec 9, 1988 / Fishbone (with Living Colour) / Moore Theatre, Seattle
With buddies Derek, Stacey and Tony. Got caught in the mosh, and never left.

1995 / Pearl Jam & Neil Young / Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
My friend, George, got me backstage on a beautiful summer day. It was Pearl Jam's first big headlining show. Though it was a short afternoon for Eddie Vedder (as he got sick), it was a really cool time for me. Neil Young saved the day. I'm not sure where I got the cigar though, but I smoked it.

2002 / Flogging Molly / San Jose, California
With best friends Alisa, BJ and Matt. A celtic mosh pit with the best group of people one could have along. Even the girls got in on it.

Nov 5, 2008 / Ray Lamontagne / Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland, OR
Lisa dressed up in new dress and necklace, for nice evening at beautiful theatre. Ray was very intense and emotional as Barack Obama had just won the Presidential election.

June 5, 2011 / U2 (with Lenny Kravitz) / Qwest Stadium, Seattle, WA
George invited me along. Got a backstage tour, ate some great food and watched a pretty epic show.