reflecting on the view from my train crossing Siberia

I spent about six weeks traveling around Europe, hanging out in Budapest with family and friends, and taking the Trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Ulan Bator, Mongolia. I returned to the States via New York in order to visit my dad and pick up my car for the long road trip back to Austin, Texas. These are a selection of some of my favorite photographs from the trip.

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Moscow subway train

woman standing in the exit of the subway in Moscow

reflection in a window across the street from St. Basil Cathedral in Red Square, Moscow

the Kremlin and central train station

boarding my train car for the next five days

sharing cognac and broken english with a couple crazy Russians in the dining car

Anatoly and I after the cognac

activity on the platform during brief train stops

endless forests of birch trees

Anatoly and Anton in our shared cabin

apartment buildings and cables in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

rooftops in Ulan-Ude, Siberia, Russia

a family's ger (yurt) on their farm in Mongolia

my reflection and that of a mother and child in the window of their ger

Jaykal and his daughter in their ger

slaughtering one of the sheep for food

Jaykal driving me around his vast and beautiful farm land in Mongolia

bus stop in Ulan Bator

graffiti in Ulan Bator

over Mongolia and the Gobi Desert