Brand ID & Communication



Product, Service & Environment



Digital Interaction


Boeing, Defense & Space Division

10,000 sqft briefing center
customer experience, interactives and interior architecture







Edmonton Oilers Arena

fan experience, interactives, environmental graphics, and wayfinding






6000+ retail stores across China
retail strategy, shopping experience, architecture, environmental graphics
>   case study





Phobio: Team Discovery Wall

industrial design, copywriting, graphics design, photography






trade show booth, furniture design, and brand experience platform
>   case study






exhibit design




product design, service design, customer experience


Designing new credit cards for Sears and Planner accounts.

This was my team's warroom at Ziba. We developed this service experience program for credit card accounts that would build trust and loyalty between Citi and their customers. One of the key consumer insights that helped inspire the design work was that people love their credit cards, but hate their banks.



Example key frames from some of the many service interactions we built stories around.

IDSA 2010 Conference

event experience platform
marketing, programming, identity, speakers, community involvement



Profile of target design professionals and early programming concepts.



Identify opportunities and product concepts that will improve the residential recycling experience.


Developing a 360 activity model and opportunity framework to better understand the problem—a flexible home waste management system that educates and enables better recycling behavior.

Early brainstorming and concept development.



Microsoft Store

retail store experience, integrated marketing campaign





Proctor & Gamble

10,000+ sqft innovation studio and sales center
visitor experience and programming, environment design






Fortune 500 consumer goods company

toilet paper packaging
packaging innovation and design, and consumer testing exhibits





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