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Ottawa Fury FC (NASL soccer team)

naming and brand identity
>  case study





brand strategy and identity, packaging, collateral
>  case study





Ottawa RedBlacks (CFL football team)

naming and brand identity
>   case study




CBC news broadcast on team naming. My interview starts about 1:25 into video.

Phobio: Holiday Poster & Mailing

poster design, social media campaign




Bing Search: Elections Campaign

integrated marketing strategy and campaign




The world is more complex and nuanced than the candidates and media would have us believe, but Bing believes voters are smart. They care and they're frustrated.

Voters want to make good choices, based on clear and trustworthy information. They want to be a part of a productive debate, where in order for one color to win, the other doesn't have to lose.

If red is for conservatives and blue for liberals, then yellow is for everyone. Yellow isn't about the middle. Yellow stands apart. It cuts through. It thinks for itself. It finds truth and insight amidst the frenzy and spin. Yellow offers a friendlier, more insightful view into the issues that matter most.

Yellow is you, and this election is yours.






brand strategy, photography, integrated marketing and social media
>  case study




Movie Marketing

posters, look books, dvd packaging

brand identity



My Fit Foods

brand strategy, identity and store design




Paperboy Ventures

brand identity, business papers, and lobby movie (script and production)




MWA Creative

brand identity, story and marketing campaign



As the name implies, the Mystic Worm is about many things, most of which are still unknown. Prior to 1066 A.D., the Anglo-Saxon translation for "worm" was "snake", having gotten it's name because the marking had no distinct head or tail. Throughout history the snake has been widely revered as an icon of immeasurable powers. Herein lies the mystery and with it, our collective desire to know who or what is behind it...



Sunriver Realty

brand identity, photography, writing, and integrated marketing




Pearson Branded

brand identity, integrated marketing



Unsung Heroes - We don't walk first in line. We don't bask in the limelight. We don't ride off into the sunset. And we don't end up with the girl. But our clients do those things, and we help them get it done.


brand story and identity




McDonald's & San Diego Water Authority

campaign concepts




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