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October 24, 2015   

My Heritage

Heritage sailboat on Elliot Bay in Seattle, WA

I just bought this sailboat! That’s my grandfather, Captain Andy, in the blue jacket and cap sailing alongside Howie Renner in about 1967 on Elliot Bay in Seattle. My grandfather designed the boat and Renner built many of them. It’s called a Heritage, and this was the very first one ever made. I went sailing on it as a little kid. The boat is on the gulf coast of Florida with the Renner family. I’ll be driving out to pick it up in mid November and bringing it to Austin. Let me know if anyone wants a ride! More info on the Heritage class of sailboats can be found on this website my dad put together:

I’ll add more pictures and updates very soon!

October 23, 2015   

Texas Cyclocross Racing 2015/16


Launched a new photo gallery with some of my favorite images from the 2015/16 cyclocross season, which I’ll be updating throughout. There’s also a Flickr album with more.


May 16, 2015   

My Flickr Moment in NYC


I was invited to Yahoo’s offices in New York City to shoot a segment for Flickr about my Pacific Crest Trail hike and film project. I took my nephew, Tyler, along for his first visit to NYC. Watch the video below.

March 17, 2015   

2600 miles in 4 minutes!

Learn more about our new film exploring life at the end of the trail at Learn more about the hike and the making of the time-lapse video here. The video has so far received more than 2 million views and received international press coverage, as seen here. The following interview is from the April 7, 2015 broadcast of PBS NewsHour with Gwen Ifill.

February 8, 2015   

Training camp with Team Phenom




February 2, 2015   

Filming begins on Lost or Found

Visit the website for more info:




January 7, 2015   

2015 USA National Cyclocross Championships

I’ll be shooting and sharing photographs from the National Championships in Austin, Texas the week of January 7-11. Check out my web gallery for more info and images >



January 4, 2015   

Resolution Cross Cup / Texas State Championships

Texas’s first UCI pro cyclocross race featured some pretty amazing riders. I’m looking forward to Nationals this coming week in Austin. See some more pics on my Texas Cyclocross page and Flickr photostream.


December 20, 2014   

Quest CX Challenge / ATX CX Cup


I had a great time watching some great racing and meeting some even greater people. And it was really, really great to see mud in Texas! See more pics on my Texas Cyclocross gallery and Flickr Photostream.

Marc Coppedge of Team Yacht Club

Marc Coppedge of Team Yacht Club

November 16, 2014   

ATX Cup Cyclocross Races

More pictures added and updated here >

Ben from Mellow Johnny's at the ATX CX Cup hosted by CX7′s.

Ben from Mellow Johnny’s at the ATX CX Cup hosted by CX7′s.

The rain came just in time to make for a proper cyclocross race.

The rain came just in time to make for a proper cyclocross race.