PCT 2013: Reflecting On Three Key Moments

This video is a compilation of three key moments from my journey, where I would stop and talk a little about my progress. The first clip drones on a bit long, but it seems to convey the moment best as is. Without actually seeing anything of the hike and the awesome beauty that is the Pacific Crest Trail, this little video says a lot about me and my experience.

A time-lapse video of all 2640 miles and written essay about why I did this hike and what I’m taking away from it, will be posted very soon. It’s taken me awhile to grapple with it and the transition my life has taken.

Photographs and more info is here.

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  1. Andy,

    Read about you via a friend’s Facebook post. Very cool to read/see bits of your journey. Looking forward to exploring your blog further. Congrats on finishing with your health intact.

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