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August 11, 2013   

PCT: Injury Time Out

In Mt. Shasta hitching back to trail today (mile post 1476)

In Mt. Shasta hitching back to trail today (mile post 1476)

I came down with shin splints in my left leg this past Thursday hiking out of Burney. I had little choice but to carry on in significant pain for another 53 miles to a place I could hitch a ride to Mt. Shasta to rest. I have been here for a few days and I think my leg is improving a little, but its difficult to say. I can little afford any more time off as I need to finish the trail by the beginning of October. I will hit the trail again this afternoon and hope my leg continues to heal as I go.

Since leaving Sierra City a couple weeks ago, I’ve been hiking alone and making good progress. I am confident and motivated to get back on track and speed up through Oregon and Washington. I was hoping to be to Ashland, Oregon by more birthday on the 17th, but now that will be delayed a few days. I will provide more updates on my progress when I get there.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    August 12, 2013

    Andy, hope you are well and able to heal those shin splints- ouch!
    I am glad you have had lots if support on your hike and I hope you can finish your goals and make the October deadline. If you need anything as you get closer to my neck of the trail ( loosely speaking as I think Cascade Lockes area is the closest, is that right?) – let me know. I have no idea when that would be for you…
    I’d even hike with you for a day in Gifford Pinchot if you wanted the company and I could arrange it!
    Take care of yourself !

    • Andy permalink
      August 17, 2013

      Thanks Lisa! I’m planning on making it to Cascade Locks by Sunday, September 8th. It would be great to see you there or perhaps Timberline Lodge a couple days prior, but coordinating a hike may be difficult. I won’t be taking any days off for the rest of the trip. I have such great support from friends and family, that I really don’t know how I would have done this otherwise. It’s been huge! 🙂

  2. Katie "Roo" Garroutte permalink
    September 11, 2013

    I love the picture of you placing your dirty feet on top of your shoes to keep them clean?? I used to do that too 🙂

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