PCT: Arriving the High Sierras

Well, I arrived Kennedy Meadows (mile 702) safely yesterday evening. It took me seven days since leaving Tehachapi and the section was filled with several mental and physical ups and downs (as previously shared!). I was very happy to make it and was treated to some beautiful evening light across the meadows and mountain ranges around me. Someone just happened to pick me up when I hit the road and drove me into this little restaurant for a late dinner by oil lamp, before setting up camp in an area around the general store. Unfortunately, I discovered that I pitched my tent on a colony of scorpions (so I will likely find a new place today!). There’s not much here, and no phone service or wifi for my iPhone, but there is a trail angel encampment here with a couple internet enabled PC’s in an old RV held together by duct tape which I’m now using. I will try and use the one pay phone at the store to make a couple calls during my day or two rest here. I have several boxes waiting for me to pick up today with food and new gear, and will need to organize myself for the trail ahead. It’s going to be physically difficult, but I’m very happy to have the change of scenery. There are probably 30-40 hikers all camped out here, many of which I have met or know in some way, so it will be nice to catch up a little today. A couple miles prior to arriving yesterday, I stopped in the middle of a meadow and made a little video of myself talking about the trip so far and thanking all my friends and family for your support and encouragement. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how I’ll be able to post that anytime soon. I will try to post a little more later today or tomorrow before heading out, as access to towns and communications will be difficult for awhile. I miss my best bud, Wesley.

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  1. Hey Andy,
    Hang in there. I’m glad you’ve got lots of people supporting you. I know you will make it the whole way, but I wish you some mental sunshine in these next few weeks!
    Love Lisa and Lucas

  2. Hang in there Andy! What you are doing is amazing and we are rooting for you!! Please let me know what you need and where we can send it 🙂 XOXOXOXOXO

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