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June 13, 2013   

PCT: Hard Days

Mile 631. I’m not thrilled, but hanging in there. Determined to not let the desert beat me. The winds are intense, the sand is deep, the water very scarce, and there’s very few places to escape the sun. I’ve been having some rather discouraging days lately and sometimes feel like throwing it in. I hope that arriving Kennedy Meadows (mile 700) in a few days will provide a boost. I’m feeling slow and missing some of the good folks I’ve met along the way. I did 15 this morning and now resting and eating for a night hike and long climb before camping somewhere. I’m posting this now with the first faint signal I’ve had in a few days and just waiting for the sun to set a little more. Can’t escape the wind. Had cold pasta and tuna for early dinner.

Not so happy camper.

Not so happy camper.

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