Attending Western Mass

Smith College, Hay Market, walking by insane asylum, and guest room on Cherry St.

I arrived Northampton, Massachusetts on Sunday afternoon, a place that I grew quite fond of 12 years ago. My plan has been to stay in town for the week and work on finishing some writing related to an Egyptian picture show. On Monday, while holed up in a coffee shop researching some slightly better lodgings than the Motel 6 20 miles away, I bumped into a guy I met a couple months prior in Fargo, ND of all places. Despite calling him Matt, Kevin was generous enough to offer me a guest room in the big house he shares with Shelby, Dan, Lauren, Sey, and others. Indeed, the world works in mysterious ways. On evidence of this bright, good-natured collection of grad students, that world is in very good hands.

Though I’m finding myself thinking more and more about settling down in a nice spot and feeling a little more productive in the coming months, I am very much looking forward to the journey north to Newfoundland. Wes and I will head out in a couple days. Until then, I’m here at the Hay Market with a carrot cake cookie and a cup of joe, plucking at my 15″ MacBook Pro with the high-res glossy screen.

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