Roger & Gloria

After arriving Slab City and reconciling my apprehension, I got to work searching for a place to camp with adequate Feng Shui and a buffer zone. After getting the truck situated, it wasn’t but a few minutes later that an older gentleman wandered over from the trailer parked a few hundred yards away. Roger must have noticed me taking some pictures of our surroundings as he came to me looking for help with a digital camera that was recently given to him. We quickly got to talking and was delighted to find such a friendly neighbor in this strange world I entered. I soon met his wife, Gloria, and their little poodle, Molly as well. They’ve been coming here to vacation for many years, and I was fascinated by their desire to do so. High School sweethearts with a big family.

Roger was quick to offer up all kinds of helpful hints and directions around the area, like how to find the “golf course” and how to not get shot. Meanwhile Gloria saw to it that I knew their entire family history and all the latest gossip. However, it wasn’t until they taught me to play dominos that our friendship really blossomed. That first night, they showed me how it was done, but for all their generosity, Gloria sure did talk a lot of trash. The next afternoon, they kindly invited me over for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a rematch. But this time, I crushed the lovely old married couple.


my Slab City neighbors
Playing dominos with a lunch of peanut & butter sandwiches and potato chips.
Gloria is the house champion and official scorekeeper
Roger tries hard, but Gloria never lets him win

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