New Orleans & Mississippi Delta

I spent a couple days around New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta to the south. I wanted to start the Mississippi River leg of the trip at the very beginning. Or rather, the end. Wasn’t feeling particularly photographic, but did enjoy reflecting on some aspects of this area that were new to me, versus past trips. No great insight to share at the moment, but this will come. Route 23, the only road out into the bayou was quietly fascinating, with the elevated mobile homes, the fortified banks on either side of the road, the seemingly random clusters of crypts that ensured a dryer, more secure afterlife below sea level. Based on no more than the perspective a slow, curious drive-by affords, life for the oil and fish men that reside out here seemed quite hard, with even modest reward difficult to realize.


the French Quarter
shrimp boats on the bayou
elevated crypts in bayou
the Route 23 bridge south into the bayou

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